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Dream Big, Believe Bigger 
& Raise Your Vibration

If you are ready to intentionally uplevel your life so you can create and manifest the dreams, desires, and goals that God has put on your heart… then this show is for you! :)

Welcome! :)


This is Your Happy Life, the podcast that will inspire you to Dream Big, Believe Bigger, and Raise Your Vibration. 

Hi! I’m Donna Burgher your host & guide on this fun, magical and life-changing journey. 


If you’re ready to walk in faith toward the future of your dreams… join me, bi-weekly, as we explore ways to expand your consciousness, create a positive mindset, and amplify your joy because the higher your vibration, the happier you’ll be, and the easier it becomes to create Your Happy Life!


These are some of the main transformational topics I love to talk about: Mindset, Energy & Vibrational Frequency, Manifesting, Intentional Living, Faith, Vision, Dreams, Desires, Goals, Personal Growth, and Spirituality.


As you listen, your faith will grow and you will be encouraged, empowered, and inspired to embody the higher vibrational frequencies of love, joy, and gratitude so you can become a Happiness Creator™ and enjoy your everyday life.


Donna is a heart-centered, faith-based, and intuitive Happiness Creator™ Guide, Positive Mindset & Advanced Manifesting Teacher. To learn more Click Here.


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5-Star Ratings and Reviews

Estelle Avbuere

So Inspiring!

"What an inspiring show!! If you’ve ever felt uninspired or stuck in self-doubt about your dreams and aspirations, this show will absolutely help you dream again and truly live a happy life!"

Tiffany Phillips

LEGIT info!!

"Loving Donna’s content! She’s a genius when it comes to personal and spiritual growth! It’s been a game changer for me hearing her insights on intentional living and learning to dream again! This is a must listen!"


Donna Makes My Day!

"Donna is incredibly gifted and her wisdom and kindness exude throughout her beautiful podcast!"

Anna Pereira

Happiness is Here

"Thank you Donna! A fun, inspiring and uplifting podcast. Thank you for creating this and a quick listen with immediate pick me up results!"

Pibbity Sputnick


"Your Happy Life is inspirational! Donna is enchanting and informative."

Athena Quinones

Great for Faith-Based Positive Women

"Wonderfully created, incredibly positive and inspiring for women of faith! Great way to continue living a high vibe life or start in the right direction!"

Lisa Meisels

Great Positive Tips

"I love these short episodes. They're so easy to listen to especially
with life being so busy. I love the upbeat, positive energy I feel when
I listen to the host's voice. She makes me smile which makes me happier! It's working! So grateful to come across this podcast."

Brooklyne D. 


"Donna is a true expert in happiness & vibrations. She’s easy to listen to, calming, and I really enjoy her show."