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Are You Ready to Live Your Happy Life & Walk in Faith Toward the Future of Your Dreams?

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This assessment has been designed for you to gain awareness so you can discover where you are on your path to living Your Happy Life & becoming a Happiness Creator™.


You will gain clarity on the missing pieces that have kept you from experiencing your desired outcomes. This knowledge is key if you want to create a breakthrough so you can truly be happy and live your dream life.

Discovering what’s missing, getting clear about where you are on your path, and then determining your best next steps to create the results you want, begins with AWARENESS!

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Are You Wondering Why You Feel Stuck & Unable to Create the Future You've Always Dreamed of?

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“Before working with Donna, I was struggling to find the next step on my path and live my highest purpose. Within a couple of months, I gained clarity on my future goals, where my priorities lie, and learned how to manifest those goals. I highly recommend working with Donna.”

Shari Alyse

"Donna emanates JOY!

I have known Donna for years, from her being part of The Wellness Universe (WU) community.

She steps up and over-delivers in all ways! Donna walks her talk!

If you ever have a chance to work directly with her, say YES!

A loving being to surround

yourself with."


​"Donna has amazing energy and she genuinely cares about helping you succeed. I feel more empowered and definitely vibrating much higher. This exceeded my expectations! I received so much value and I was able to get really specific on what I wanted to attract and manifest. I also tapped into some negative beliefs I had and was able to reframe them. I'm so grateful for the new awareness I have."

Are You Looking For a Guest Speaker?​

Donna is available to speak on Podcasts, Summits, and Virtual Stages.

You can email her at:

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