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"Before the process of working with Donna, I felt a yearning to connect more with my higher self and divine wisdom. The VIP intensive program was incredible as it helped me to become clear about what I wanted to focus on in my life going forward and what action steps I needed to create to manifest my dreams and desires.


The clearings and guided visualizations really opened my soul to receive more blessings in my life. The last session gave me even more steps to become really clear about what I want and what it looks like, feels like, smells like, sounds like...


The whole thing has been an incredible experience working with Donna, she is a special lady." ~ Shira



"Working with Donna was so easy.  Because I love so many things, I always struggled with knowing what my TRUE passions & desires were. With Donna's guidance, I was able to not only identify my top passions/desires but also create a fun way to remind myself to choose to do the things I feel strongest about. Today, I am living my dream life in total alignment with what is most important to me." ~ T. W.

“Before working with Donna, I was struggling to find the next step on my path and live my highest purpose. Within a couple of months, I gained clarity on my future goals, where my priorities lie, and learned how to manifest those goals. I highly recommend working with Donna.” ~ Lies

“I was feeling stuck in my business. I have gained more trust in what I am feeling and I love the prayers and meditations. Now, I’m feeling more confident that I am right where I am supposed to be and that life will unfold as it is intended to unfold. I highly recommend working with Donna. ~ Lisette C.

"Donna has amazing energy and she genuinely cares about helping you succeed.

I feel more empowered and definitely vibrating much higher. This exceeded my expectations! I received so much value and I was able to get really specific on what I wanted to attract. I also tapped into some negative beliefs I had and was able to reframe them. I'm so grateful for the new awareness I have." ~ Nikki Williams

"I am very grateful for the loving, healing energy and for the wisdom Donna shares regarding manifestation. She reminds you through her presence and words to believe in yourself and that you are supported. Donna knows what she is talking about and can take you farther than just the law of attraction. Thanks for sharing with us Donna. You are very inspiring." ~ Brynna

"Donna's Light is so bright that I felt it move me to a new state of consciousness and awareness as she transformed my life with her love!"

~ Abby Gooch, Founder of Life Force Connection

"Donna is magical. Her energy is fantastic and you can feel the excitement in what she teaches. She is patient and has both practical knowledge and higher-power wisdom."

~ Sarah P.

"Donna I love your energy, you are magical. You got to my issue in an instant. I felt great! Complete healing from your energy. If you want to experience a high vibration flow, work with her." ~ Pam Perry, PR Solutions

"Donna is incredibly inspiring and she really takes things to a whole new level of excellence. I walked away feeling so uplifted and empowered." ~ Jenny

Donna emanates JOY! I have known Donna for years from her being part of The Wellness Universe (WU) community. She steps up and over-delivers in all ways! From being a WU Ambassador to a WU Featured Expert to being a wellness practitioner at our SoulTreat retreat in Sedona, Donna walks her talk! If you ever have a chance to work directly with her, say YES! A loving being to surround yourself with.

~ Shari Alyse, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Self-Love Coach

"Your work is AMAZING. It was authentic and truly made an impact during and afterward. I felt the effects immediately. I also felt a sense of calmness and "it's going to be ok whatever you do, decide, etc." the days that followed." ~ Maysha


"This was such an uplifting meditation, really set the tone for me and raised my vibration." ~ Jann Spallina

Donna cut through the noise in my head and helped me see myself and my relationship with my work in the world. I now have a MUCH better idea of where my blocks lie. I look forward to learning how to shift my limiting patterns so I can step fully into my passion, purpose, and prosperity! Beautiful! So much gratitude. Bless you and thank you! ~ Veronica

"Donna has beautiful energy and provides valuable suggestions. She is very knowledgeable and generous with information." ~ M

"Donna's Energy & Enthusiasm Are Contagious!!!" ~ Kelly G.

“Donna was one of the Angels that showed up right when I needed her. Donna, I just want you to know you are loved and appreciated.” ~Sona


“Donna you’re an absolute delight. I love your energy. I love your passion. I love your vision. I love your heart. I love the Light that you are.” ~ Rev. Anne P.

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“Impeccable! Just Impeccable! You are amazing! Your smile & loving presence is so felt.”

~ Janet Attwood June 2012

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“You are a Rock Star! I love your sweetness, kindness, and desire to help. You are gifted and I love your enthusiasm!” ~ JT

“Donna, You are Light! The love shines in your eyes straight from your heart. And you are a superb & effective teacher” ~ CS

“True to your heart you do so shine your passion to connect souls on a higher plane through love and service.” ~ AW

"Donna Burgher is one of the most inspiring, loving, and patient teachers I have ever worked with. She has dedicated herself to uplifting and empowering others to find their greatness and has the road map to living it. I highly recommend working with Donna." ~ DF

“Donna, thank you again for helping me realize that I need to do some introspection and goal setting for the business. With my lack of involvement, internalizing negative staff comments, and dealing with personal healing, I lacked confidence. Your words of encouragement, wisdom, and support have helped me back on track.” ~ JS​

I was guided to work with Donna. I trusted her expertise. I wanted to attract students to my first energy class. I also wanted to move someplace warm but my finances were tight. After 3 weeks of working with Donna, I started my first class, manifested a free plane ticket and a free place to stay, in a warm state. It all manifested so quickly. When you apply what Donna teaches, your life will change! ~ SJ

“The Energy Shift in my Life - was Life-Changing for Me!


In fact, at the beginning of this process with Donna, I was very, very skeptical about understanding and learning about energy and my higher self. Things like awareness, raising my vibration, karma, ego vs. soul was off the reservation for me. I was told by Donna that the most important thing was going into this with an open heart, mind, and acceptance. Well, I kept an open mind and accepted Donna’s teachings and I was clearly the beneficiary. 


I definitely plan to continue working with her. I felt I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was dealing with many negative life-changing situations and Donna gave me the tools to sort them out and change my negative outlook (mindset) into positive energy which changed my life.


I’m now attracting positive energy. This translates for me that, I’m putting out positive energy, which raises my awareness and vibration, so I’m able to create my reality. I even attracted my soul mate and we are happily married!


Pretty awesome…you can do this too.”  ~ MK