Meet Donna & Lisa

Donna and Lisa are internationally recognized leaders in the world of business, spirituality and manifesting. They love to guide awakening, heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, and world-changers to awaken their brilliance, gain clarity, boost visibility and amplify their vibration so they can naturally attract dream clients creating joy and freedom in their business and life.  

Their clients are on a conscious journey, who after experiencing a shift that transformed their life, unlocking the message in their heart, are ready to Revolutionize their business by Quantum-Leaping forward so they can Accelerate their Path to Success, Impact & Prosperity. 


They are the Founders of Impact And, The CHARISMA Method™, The Conscious Community Circle™ and Hosts of The Impact and Prosperity Show™


So many conscious entrepreneurs get caught in the 'guru' marketing maze while desperately trying to create a successful business. Unfortunately, when their energy is out of alignment, even with strategies in place, they spiral into lack, questioning their value and purpose. Their scattered efforts put them into overwhelm keeping them frustrated and stuck in their business, feeling unfulfilled with the minimal impact and income they're actually making.


Donna and Lisa have merged their 60 years of experience in business, life, energy work, manifesting and the healing arts. They have extensive knowledge and training in many healing modalities, metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, ancient teachings, energy work, universal laws, and spiritual principles.


Together they create and hold an energetic space of Love and Light as their clients step into higher consciousness so they can create & manifest a business and life they love. 

It is their vision to elevate consciousness and infuse the planet with more love and light helping others do the same so together we change the world. 

Donna Burgher is a Spiritual Manifesting Mentor & Ascension Guide. 


Donna is a "raiser of vibrations" empowering her clients to align and amplify their energy which accelerates their manifesting success. Through practical and spiritual manifesting tools her clients raise their vibration, create a powerful mindset, master their energy, gain clarity and connect with their Divine guidance. As they implement these tools they naturally begin to attract their dream clients as more joy, fun, and prosperity manifest into their reality.

Lisa Meisels is a Clarity & Alignment Catalyst for Visibility and Impact. 


Lisa, aka "harmony girl", helps her clients gain clarity and get through the often-difficult process of finding and expressing their unique voice. Lisa brings magical energy that bridges the gap so her clients can create more joy, impact and prosperity. As they shift into soul alignment and claim their brilliance, they naturally attract dream clients and prosper without the hype or hustle so they can truly enjoy life.

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