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This assessment has been designed for you to gain awareness so you can discover where you are on your path to living Your Happy Life & becoming a Happiness Creator™.


You will gain clarity on the missing pieces that have kept you from experiencing your desired outcomes. This knowledge is key if you want to create a breakthrough so you can truly be happy and live your dream life.

Discovering what’s missing, getting clear about where you are on your path, and then determining your best next steps to create the results you want, begins with AWARENESS!

Take This FREE Empowering Assessment TODAY!

Discover what’s missing, get clear about where you are on your path, and then decide what your next best steps will be to create the results you want.

Take the Happiness Creator Assessment TODAY to Gain the Awareness that can Lead You to Transform Your Life.

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Are You Wondering Why You Feel Stuck & Unable to Create the Future You've Always Dreamed of?

Are You Ready to Live Your Happy Life & Walk in Faith Toward the Future of Your Dreams?

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These 6 Powerful Pillars will guide you on your path to becoming a Happiness Creator™. These will support you in creating the happy, fulfilling, purpose-driven, and successful life you desire.

Implementing and practicing these foundational pillars will have a positive impact on your everyday happiness. 


​As you become a Happiness Creator™ your life with unfold in beautiful ways as you walk in faith toward the future of your dreams.

Are You Ready to Take This Quick Empowering Assessment?

Are You Looking For a Guest Speaker?​

Donna is available to speak on Podcasts, Summits, and Virtual Stages.

You can email her at:

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